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Popaditch on Filner ad: 'This is just who he is'

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Congressional candidate Nick Popaditch, appearing on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego program Monday, strongly refuted opponent Bob Filner's claim that he didn't vote for 11 years, and said that Filner has done a "horrible job" in congress and that "it's time to send him home."

Popaditch said the ad is misleading. "This is just who (Filner) is," said Popaditch. "We heard he was going to do this sort of thing. He wants to talk about everything but his record. He wants to focus on everything but what a horrible job he's done as our congressman and why it's time to send him home. That's why he does things like this. People are rejecting this sort of politics and I'm glad to see that people aren't falling for it. People in the 51st District are very smart, very intelligent voters. It's a great community, and we deserve a lot better than a congressman who will stand up there and tell a lie on TV."

KUSI's research indicates that Popaditch did vote numerous times over the past 11 years, though not every year.

"On election day in 2004 I was in Balboa Naval Hospital right here in San Diego. I was stationed in Twenty-Nine Palms, which is about 160 miles away," said Popaditch. "So one of my fellow Marines gave me a lift all the way out there to a firehouse which was our polling booth to cast that vote. We were speeding to get out there before the booth closed. That election was very important for me to cast my vote, that was the Bush-Kerry election."

"I understand it's a very important right we have as Americans, and me and my fellow Marines are out there fighting everyday for people's right to do that. It's amazing that the chair of the veterans committee would besmirch a veteran's voting record in the way he has."

KUSI's research indicates that Popaditch did not cast a vote during an 8-year period beginning in 1992.

"We're talking almost two decades ago, we're talking 18 years ago," said Popaditch. "I was an active duty Marine, I was commanding a tank in the 1st Marine Division and it takes you to a lot of different places. Did I cast an absentee ballot? I wish I could tell you I even remember, I don't remember who I voted for in the Dole-Clinton campaign for instance. I was commanding a tank around the world, I'm not trying to be evasive, I just honestly don't remember back 18 years ago who I voted for back then."

Bob Filner was invited to appear on the program, but declined due to scheduling conflicts.

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