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Rep. Issa weighs in on issues of the day

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Congressman Darrell Issa, the gentleman from Vista, is staking out his reputation as a congressional firebrand as he accuses the president of illegal negotiations with the terrorists, the former House Speaker of dereliction of duty and the Secretary of State squirming out of congressional subpoena. First, Congressman Issa weighed in on issues of the day - the return on the Marine Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. The question: deserter, hero or something in between?

"I think the important questions, for those of us in Congress, are did the president violate the law in the exchange? Was it ill-conceived? And what has been the impact to American security, in particularly with the consultation of Afghans - that apparently didn't happen? That's our part of it. For the U.S. military, they need to make an appropriate decision about whether the Sergeant is, in fact, a deserter and whether he should be treated that way. Because, if he was a POW first, he needs to be treated as a POW. If, in fact, he was a deserter, then his incidental incarceration does not earn him many of the benefits POW's receive."

And what about the other wayward Marine in the news - held in a Mexican prison on weapons charges? Should the U.S. government intervene on the behalf of Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi?

"The U.S. government can play a large role. First of all, we should insist to have this individual back on some form of bail to allow him not to waste away in a jail for what is - at most - a minor mistake. But that's mostly a State Department issue although many members of Congress have visited him, and more will."

And for the first time, Chairman Issa responds to charges from his democratic counterpart, Nancy Pelosi, that he has abused his authority as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee investigating IRS targeting of Tea Party organizations.

"Former Speaker Pelosi is constantly saying, somehow, any investigation that we do is wrong. Of course, every investigation seems to be something we shouldn't start, we shouldn't continue and it should have ended. The reality is that she's made these allegations; not one of them is substantiated. If she wants to make a formal complaint, please do. The fact is: Speaker Pelosi, during her time when she was Speaker, did no oversight on this administration, and when we came in, we came into an administration and presidency that had had two years of rubber-stamping."

And just this week, Issa had even more harsh words for Secretary of State John Kerry, saying Kerry continues to obstruct congressional investigations into theBenghazii tragedy and that Kerry squirmed out of testifying before the House Oversight Committee.
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