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Bringing the city and the Chargers back to the table

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SAN DIEGO (KUSI) - Will this be the last season the Chargers play in Qualcomm's aging hometown stadium?

It could be, unless a new stadium plan surfaces.

The current plan on the table will not keep the team in San Diego.

It's a long shot because it blows a huge hole in the NFL's timeline to get to L.A. in 2016 and it could force the Chargers to give up their option in Carson.

Downtown is the Chargers' preferred site, but given the NFL's timeline to be in Los Angeles in 2016, but Mayor Faulconer said downtown just wasn't possible.

The timelines were set by the league, forcing the city to select the Mission Valley site, saying it's the only site achievable to meet the timeline.

"We've met every deadline this year, and that's the 'can do' spirit we have here in San Diego," Mayor Faulconer said.

The city did fail to meet two election deadlines and will it certify its environmental report as promised on Thursday? 

The city is facing two hurdles, preventing Dean Spanos from moving the team to Carson and getting him to the table to sign off on the Mission Valley plan.

In the meantime, the Rams stadium project in Inglewood and the Chargers project in Carson are on equal footing and ready to go.

"The sites have all the approvals they need from all of the different levels of government," said Mark Fabiani said.

And the financing plans are in place, though not yet voted on by league owners. 

So while waiting on the league's decision on L.A., the city finds itself in another stalemate.

"We hope people will understand the situation that at three key moments, the city did not take the team's advice," Fabiani said.

The Mayor is sticking with Mission Valley, saying downtown was always an option, but the momentum is with Mission Valley.

"We've always said that downtown could be an option, but it will take years. We have a plan that's ready to go in Mission Valley, and that I think is the most important thing to achieve success," said Mayor Faulconer.

But Dean Spanos does not see success in Mission Valley, nor does he have an interest in downtown which the hoteliers oppose.

"Those are the people that pull the Mayor's strings. He's pretty much a puppet of the hoteliers. If you don't have that kind of support no reason to waster your time downtown," Fabiani said.

While waiting on an NFL decision on Los Angeles, what happens in San Diego?

"We hope fans understand that every step of the way, the city has taken a course of action that the team was not comfortable with and as turns out was completely ill advised," Fabiani said.

Early on, the city was told by league officials it needed a plan that had certainty and the approval of the team. Right now it has neither. 



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