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Stadium Poll: Do San Diegans still care about the Chargers?

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Stadium Poll: Do San Diegans still care about the Chargers? Stadium Poll: Do San Diegans still care about the Chargers?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) - If there were a vote on the stadium issue today, it would probably lose, especially given the way the Chargers played and then lost to the Steelers Monday night.

Thankfully, a vote won't be scheduled until sometime next year and the latest polling shows there's a chance city voters will approve it.

Of course, a lot has to happen before there is a vote and the biggest hurdle is getting team Spanos back to the negotiating table.

Monday night's heartbreaking loss will probably have little bearing on how San Diegan's feel about the Chargers and how they feel about the Mayor's effort to keep them in San Diego. 

His approval rating: 62 percent.

"They do appreciate the Mayor's efforts on this and that brings a few votes that wouldn't normally be," said Pollster John Nienstedt.

According to Nienstedt, a few votes could make the difference because his June poll showed voters approving the city's stadium plan by a razor thin margin. 

51 percent in favor, 42 percent opposed.

"Most San Diegans, most voters, believe that losing the Chargers team would be bad news for the city of San Diego," Nienstedt said.

This is the $1.1 billion stadium plan the Chargers oppose.

The city would market 200 million in lease revenue bonds, the county would add $150 million in cash, and the NFL, the Chargers and corporations would cover the remaining $750 million.

Nienstedt of Competitive Edge Research said driving support for the stadium plan is having an NFL team in town.

"The Charger team is supported, people love the Chargers here in San Diego, not everybody but most people do, and they realize that losing the Chargers, as the Mayor has said this is an NFL major league town, and they want to keep an NFL team here," he said.

Another drive is no increase in taxes.

"Clearly there's this thought in the back of their minds, Oh, taxes are going to increase, when you take that off the table support for such a proposal goes up," he said.

The Major hurdle, of course, is having a plan the Chargers can support.

"Clearly any measure that goes forward as the mayor said would have to have a Chargers backing, the city attorney's backing, the city councils backing, of course his backing so there would be a lot of pieces in place in support," he continued.

The downsides include the level of opposition to the plan, lawsuits over the bonds and the environmental impact report, the concern over the city's general fund backing up the bonds and how to get the Chargers back to the table.

Pushing the vote to June or November next year could also increase support because low propensity voters turn out in bigger numbers in a presidential primary and general election.



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