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Questions and answer with Chargers spokesperson Mark Fabiani

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Questions and answer with Chargers spokesperson Mark Fabiani Questions and answer with Chargers spokesperson Mark Fabiani

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) - Mr. Fabiani has no real authority or influence over the process of whether the Chargers stay or go.

He's a hired hand to be the foil for Chargers' Chairman Dean Spanos.

And while he's become an outcast or pariah for his sharp comments over the years, it is Mr. Spanos who calls the shots.

First, Fabiani expected the criticism over remakes he's made, which were at times person and biting, but he's said it comes with the job.

"When you say things that make people uncomfortable you can expect to be criticized," he said.

Now the questions and answer that were posted on the mighty 1090's website, posed and answered by Fabiani.

First, how did we get to this dire and hopeless point? Three reasons.

MF: "We proposed a downtown combined stadium Convention Center and the city rejected it. The city' vision for downtown is very different than the Chargers vision for downtown."

MF: "We warned the city not to appoint another task force. We told the city if they did so it would be a complete waste of time. The task force wouldn't come up with any new ideas and most importantly they would run out of time and be unable to comply with the California environmental quality act."

MF: "In June when we negotiated with the city, we just weren't comfortable with the quickie EIR process the city proposed. We told the city that, we said we're just not going to go along with this, we can't get comfortable with the risk that it places on the team."

Question: What would you say to Chargers fans?

MF: "To get something done you have to do the hard work and the city hasn't been willing to do that. We hope our fans understand that, we don't expect everybody will but we hope some do that we really worked hard to make something happen."

Question: Why did Team Spanos walk away from the table?

MF: "The city feels so strongly that how can you feel so strongly about it in the other direction?  The answer is simple because we're being asked to take all the risk, the city is taking no risk here. Even at a 5 percent chance of prevailing why not give it a shot."

Question: Would waiting another year change the dynamic in San Diego? 

MF: "We would not I think be able to get anything done with these elected officials. What we could try to do if we have another year is a citizens initiative to basically do what we did in Carson."

Fabiani also points out the city has committed nothing to building at stadium at this point, except promises. There has been no commitment from the voters and no firm commitment from the county. The city and county have promised a combined $350 million of taxpayer money.



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