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Stadium Watch: Chargers tap Disney CEO to lead LA stadium push

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SAN DIEGO (KUSI) - On the day San Diego got its last chance to convince the NFL's committee on Los Angeles that it has a viable plan to keep the Chargers, the Chargers and Raiders countered with a bombshell announcement to the committee.

The teams announced that Bob Iger, the CEO of Walt Disney Company, will service as chairman of their relocation efforts in Carson and he'll do it for $1 a year for five years.

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It is certainly a bold move. There's no doubt it was meant to show any NFL owners on the fence that the Chargers and Raiders have a credible project in Carson and bringing on Bob Iger could very well push the Carson Project ahead of Stan Kroenke's Project in Inglewood.

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Why Bob Iger? It's an opportunity for him to own a big chunk of an NFL team.

His contract with Carson holdings is for five years, at $1 a year with an automatic two-year renewal.

But he will have the option to acquire a minority interest in one of the teams, his choice, the Chargers or the Raiders.

He cannot exercise that option until he departs Disney in 2018.

For the Chargers and Raiders, they bring on a CEO of one of the most creative, customer service oriented companies in the world, and a marketing wizard who knows how to tap into revenue streams in Los Angeles.

The NFL owners know him, he's counseled them on how to run their business and a big chuck of his career has been in sports management.

Former NFL Insider Jason Lacanfora, who now works for CBS Sports, said the hiring of Bob Iger could put Carson over the top.

"All these things that Disney specializes in he's going to be bringing that to this project. Any reservations that some owners out there may have had who favor Stan Kroenke's project because Kroenke's a real estate mogul, he has Walmart money, Kroenke has in the minds of some maybe a preferred site in Inglewood, I have a hard time thinking that this won't put things over the top," Lacanfora said.

While the Chargers and Raiders add big guns to their project, little, if anything, has changed with San Diego's stadium plan.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer just before he addressed the L.A. Committee met with reporters on the street in New York.

"This opportunity to speak to the others owners from other committees is very important we got a big story to tell," Mayor Faulconer said.

But it's already been told and re-told to several owners and home town viewers.

"For the first time we have a mayor that said unequivocally that we need a new stadium, for the first time we have a financing package that I believe is fair, I believe San Diegans will support, we have the expertise of people who have designed stadiums across the league, have financed stadiums across the league, we've put together a remarkable great team, we're gonna go show that," Mayor Faulconer said.

Lacanfora said Carson has perhaps 18 votes of the 24 needed to relocate.

"When these owners digest the nature of this news today that that won't procure a few more votes, and maybe enough to put this over the top," he said.

Bob Iger brings something else to the table, mediation.

"I'm told if there's any disagreements between Mark Davis the owner of the chargers, sorry the owner of the raiders and Spanos of the chargers Iger will be able to settle those things," Lacanfora said.

Coming out of the meeting, Mayor Faulconer was asked if he noticed any shift toward San Diego.

"It's hard to characterize, all I can tell you today is the discussion was very open, a lot of good questions on timing. There was a receptiveness of hearing directly from us," the mayor said.

If anything shifted, one would have to believe it was in favor of Carson and away from San Diego.

And it's interesting to note the mayor did not request an NFL delay to accommodate the June vote.

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