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Stadium Watch: Chargers and city on the rocks

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Stadium Watch: Chargers and city on the rocks Stadium Watch: Chargers and city on the rocks

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) - Can this impending divorce between the Chargers and the city get any messier? If Tuesday's comments from both sides is any indication, it probably will.

The passion of Tuesday's remarks is likely to intensify the closer the NFL gets to resolving the L.A. situation. 

Especially if there's progress toward a resolution at the league's committee meetings Wednesday and Thursday and the Chargers application to relocate is approved.

The three committees sitting in New York represent 17 owners, but it's the Los Angeles committee that will make the recommendation on which site is best for the league, Inglewood or Carson.

It could also recommend which teams qualify to move.

If the Chargers are one of the teams, expect more passionate remarks like we heard Tuesday about Dean Spanos and his spokesman Mark Fabiani, who not only never supported the city's stadium plan but publicly campaigned against it.

"The Chargers walked away from the table. The fact that the Chargers walked away from the table, the ownership did, I think speaks volumes. That's unfortunate," Mayor Faulconer said.

Mr. Spanos remarks that he never wanted to leave San Diego and the city's stadium plan threatened his franchise, brought its response from County Supervisor Ron Roberts.

"Those are the most disingenuous and misleading statements, and a whole series of them now that was heard from the Chargers," Roberts said.

This 55-year-old marriage is definitely on the rocks and all efforts at reconciliation appear to have failed.

Mr. Spanos said the city's entire strategy was deception because it couldn't meet the NFL's time frame for a vote in December.

"The fans have been great, they've been supportive, its really been the inability of the city at the political level to get any kind of public funding or any kind of a vote to subsidize a stadium," Spanos said.

"We never got the chance to talk financing with Dean Spanos because he never engaged," Mayor Faulconer said.

Mr. Roberts, by now somewhat steamed, said if you want to go, go.

"The comments they're making, gee we couldn't have got, they blocked us because we couldn't get the election done, that's of their doing," Roberts said.

Roberts said the remarks about loving San Diego ring hollow. He believes Mr. Spanos never had a thought about saving this relationship.

"They want to move because, I think, at some point they want to sell the team, they want to realize that bigger profit," Roberts said.

And what if the league said San Diego has to stay put?

"Well we'll be back here, and we're gonna be here for the next year for sure, and we'll look at all the possibilities obviously with the city, and see what our alternatives could be," Spanos said.

This separation is driven by cash, not emotion. The three teams are the lowest value in the NFL. A move to Los Angeles could double or triple that value.



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