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East Village residents oppose Chargers stadium

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East Village residents oppose Chargers stadium East Village residents oppose Chargers stadium

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — There's another vision developing in San Diego's East Village and backers of this vision hope the voters say "no" to the Chargers.

They are residents, planners and architects who favor in "innovation district," rather than a stadium. 

Their story is an urban-use district driven by innovation, design, education and the arts that would benefit not only the East Village, but all of downtown.

They call themselves "The Village People" and they are urging city residents to vote "no" because a "yes" means there's no turning back. 

"We think this conversation is so important to San Diego that we should really do some homework and do a critical analysis of any proposal that's made for East Village," said David Malmuth, who is part of the planning group.

This group of locals, planners and architects said a better use of this 15 acres of urban space needs to benefit all of San Diego.

"We thought that an innovation cluster driven by high wage tech jobs, and by education would be a better land use and a better neighbor than a football stadium," Malmuth said.

An innovation cluster with green spaces, underground parking, parks, plazas and low level office and residential buildings.

The vision states that good urban planning is about making connections and a stadium would not be a friendly neighbor.

It would block off view corridors and through streets and separate East Village from Sherman Heights and Barrio Logan.

"When you create walls, it separates people and cities are about making connections," Malmuth said.

"It's very hard to accomplish those goals when there's a 15 acre intrusion by its nature because of the way it functions, it cuts off all of those connections," he added.

The Village People have been working on this for five months. San Diego State is preparing an economic analysis of a stadium versus a non-stadium.

They believe there is only one chance to get this right and that's why they are urging city residents to vote "no" on the Chargers initiative.



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