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San Diego Chargers campaign to sell the stadium

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SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Tom Shepard has run campaigns locally and statewide for more than 30-years and spoke believes the Chargers campaign strategy to sell the stadium initiatives could be a good one.

“We've coded 620 thousand people, virtually all the registered voters, we kind of know who they are, what their inclinations are, we intent to stay away from people who are against us and turn out the people who are for us and try to persuade the people who are persuadable,” Chargers point-man Fred Maas said about the team’s campaign strategy in selling the stadium plan to voters.

Tom Shepard says this could be a good strategy.

“If they focus their effort on who they can get and discourage voters who are opposed from even casting a vote on this that probably will improve their chances,” Shepard said.

How do they discourage those opposed from voting? Shepard says you don't use the most powerful communications medium — television — because it reaches everybody.

“If part of their strategy is to discourage interest by those who are opposed so that they don't get down to the chargers measure on the ballot television doesn't work for that,” Shepard said.

A successful campaign has to have a compelling message.

“I think they telegraphed their message which is vote for this because it’s not your money, and are they going to make the argument that the people who are going to pay for this are tourists.”

Campaigns can micro-target voters these days using social media. Shepard sees social media as the central focus of the campaign.

“If you're a voter in the city of San Diego you'd see a good deal of advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pandora which can be very highly targeted and you can send specific messages to voters you know would be responsive to those things.”

Shepard does see one missing link in the chargers strategy. “If i have any criticism, I'm not in a position to criticize but if I had one is that they really haven't presented a compelling public policy rationale for why this stadium is good for the region.”

The campaign to sell Petco Park was $2.7 million, and it was put on the ballot by council — no expensive signature gathering.

Shepard figures the chargers fall campaign will be a minimum of $3.5 or $4 million.

The wild card in all of this is Mayor Kevin Faulconer who said he will take a position in the coming weeks.

“If Faulconer made that case for them that would be very helpful I think, on the other hand if Faulconer comes out against, it reinforces the fact that most of the elected leaders in the region are not supportive, and I think that would be another hurdle for them.”

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