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Measure K: November run-off

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Measure K deals with run-off elections. It will amend the city of San Diego’s charter law to require the top two candidates for mayor, city attorney, and council members during the primary election to face off during the November general election, even if the candidate achieved a majority of the vote.

As it stands, since those are non-partisan races, those positions can be filled during the primary if the candidate wins 50-percent, plus one vote.

Those who support Measure K say it ensures all elections for mayor, city attorney and city council are decided in November general elections when more people turn out to vote.

They point out it uses the same top-two run-off process we use to elect the governor, state legislators, and members of congress and eliminates confusion caused by using a different process for city elections.

City council president Sherri Lightner supports it, as does the Reverend J. Lee Hill, Jr. of the interdenominational ministerial alliance.

While the elected races are non-partisan, the support and opposition among city leaders is divided along party lines, with democrats supporting it and republicans opposing it.

The opposition to Measure K says that if it passes, the additional races will cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

The opponents of measure K say it doesn't make sense — that changes to the city charter would require the city to conduct additional elections, costing the taxpayers millions of extra dollars, even if a candidate earned 99% of the vote.

Opponents point out that no other city in California use the election system proposed by the measure and that the city of San Diego should not be gambling with an untested system.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer is against Measure K as are several council members, including Chris Cate.

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