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Valley Center Jaguars 28, Escondido Cougars 21

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It was a showdown at Escondido in the “Cougars Den” on Friday night of week 10.

Less than halfway through the 1st quarter the Escondido Cougars had a 66-yard touchdown run taking the lead early on.

Late in the 1st quarter the Valley Center Jaguars tie the game with a 31-yard pass from KJ Mazzetti to Zach Mahrenholz who finds the end zone. Going in to the 2nd quarter the Cougars and Jaguars are tied at 7.

On Valley Center’s first series in the 2nd quarter KJ Mazzetti finds Trevor Gurski on 1st & goal with a short 7-yard pass for a Valley Center touchdown. The Jaguars go up 14-7.

With 4:28 left in the half, Valley Center regains possession of the ball. Inching their way down the field, it’s KJ Mazzetti with the hand off to Ronny McCowan on multiple plays to get the Jaguars to 2nd & goal. On 2nd & goal it was the same connection, KJ Mazzetti to Ronny McCowan who jogs in to the end zone taking Valley Center into halftime up 21-7.

It was quiet in the beginning of the 3rd quarter but the excitement starts to rally late in the 3rd when Escondido closes the gap with a big 33-yard pass from Kellen McCoy to Quinton Gaudet that sets up the Cougars for a touchdown on the 5-yard connection from Kellen McCoy to Taveous Vazquez, 21-14 Valley Center.

Valley Center gets a slight run away when KJ Mazzetti hands off to Ronny McCowan who runs for a 38-yard touchdown, 28-14 Valley Center.

It’s not over yet. Escondido’s Kellen McCoy finds Miguel Rocha in the end zone with a 20-yard pass and, once again, closes the gap making the score 28-21 Valley Center.

Escondido tries for an onside kick but it’s recovered by Valley Center who inches the ball 9-yards, each time with a hand off from KJ Mazzetti to Ronny McCown, but is stopped short on 4th & 1 by a slew of Cougars who receive the ball on their own 44-yard line.

Let the excitement continue, it’s Escondido who tries and tries with all their might but are stopped in the backfield by the Wierenga brothers, Micah and Ben.

With that, the Jaguars take a knee and are on to, yet, another victory and the title of League Champions leaving the field with an 8-1 record.

Next week, the Jaguars will head home to take on the Monte Vista Monarchs while the Cougars travel to San Pasqual to get after the Golden Eagles. Tune in to KUSI Prep Pigskin Report for the final regular season week on Friday, November 4 to see all the highlights. 

PREVIEW: The Valley Center Jaguars (7-1) will visit the Escondido Cougars (2-6) on Friday night of Week 10.

The well-rested Cougars are coming off their bye week. With home field advantage, the Cougars will prepare throughout the week to take on a strong group of Jaguars.

Last year these two teams met on the night before Halloween and yet again, this year, they will meet on Halloween weekend. Last year the Jaguars came out on top in a close game against the Cougars.

This year, the Jaguars will come a few miles West with the M&M duo, Mazzetti and Moffitt. When Mazzetti connects with Moffitt it’s bound to be good.

The senior Jaguars step on to the gridiron, Friday, with a stockpile of stats. Quarterback, KJ Mazzetti, is holding on to 1,626 total passing yards; 10 passing touchdowns and 105 pass completions accompany those passing yards.

At one point Mazzetti must have said to Moffitt ‘don’t leave me hanging’ because he never does. Jaguars’ wide receiver, Brock Moffitt, has reeled in 1,078 receiving yards this season accompanied by 12 receiving touchdowns. The “M&M Duo” will be a pair to look for on Friday night.

The Jaguars’ counterparts are Cougars’ senior quarterback, Kellen McCoy, and junior running back, Kevin Rodriguez. While Mazzetti and Moffitt are hard to stop, so are these two.

McCoy, standing tall at 6’ and 175 lbs., the senior can execute accurately and confidently when the time is right. McCoy connects often with Cougar receivers but the draw plays and hand offs look good on McCoy and Rodriguez.  

The Cougars aren’t afraid to run the ball with Kevin Rodriguez in charge. Rodriguez secures the ball with grace and protection. Rodriguez is a key proponent to maintain the speed of the Cougars’ offense.

In week 10 the Valley Center Jaguars hop on the bus Friday afternoon and travel to face off against the Escondido Cougars at 7:00pm. Tune in to KUSI Prep Pigskin Report at 10:30pm Friday night to see their highlights.  

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