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Websites That Work for You

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We have been working hard to make sure you were prepared to start the New Year in your career search. We have worked on your resume, talked about networking and your body language when on that interview or networking an event.

Today I want to talk about some of the career websites you can visit to see what jobs are available in your chosen field. Career websites are a great starting point. We have researched some of the most effective sites out there. Almost all of them have job listings and are helpful for research, and networking.


I have talked about LinkedIn in the past, and again I say this is a must-have career tool. In addition to a great number of job listings, there are ways to network with members and join groups to further network & research. If you’re applying to a company, visit their LinkedIn page. You can learn a lot by running searches and finding out how many employees it has, along with a little history on the company. If you can, there may be a connection in a group or someone you are connected to, that will help introduce you to someone at the company prior to your application.


PayScale is a unique place to look to see what you’re worth salary-wise and they claim to have the largest salary database in the world. All you do is take a short survey to answer questions on topics like experience, degrees, your current company size and your salary. This will show you where you rank compared to other people with similar job titles and levels of experience, with your salary. They provide you will a pretty comprehensive report and it might help you see how your salary might change under different circumstances.


If you are just looking for job listings, Indeed is one of the largest collection in the world. More than 180 million people visit the site every month. It combines openings from thousands of different sites and allows you to filter on criteria like desired salary and experience level. But be warned, many times those jobs have already been filled. So being fast and consistent when it comes to browsing, is imperative.

Stack Overflow

With the computer programming and gaming industry growing, Stack should be your first choice to join. It is a community of millions of programmers who assist each other with technical questions. If you’re a novice or an expert coder, it is your problem-solving resource. Stack has job listings and profiles of over 13,000 companies.


GlassDoor is a great place to learn about the company you have interest in. This website gives current and former employees the opportunity to post their personal experiences working with the company. What better way to get an inside view of the company culture and employee moral? This information gives you those keywords as you prepare your cover letter as to your interest. The site also includes crowd-sourced, company-specific salary information and job listings.

Craigslist is usually updated daily from a variety of employers. It is a great site to find jobs not only by the hours you want to work, by job title category, but within a dedicated mileage you are willing to travel to work each day. The downside, is that often you do not know the name of the company asking for your information. Therefore, it is a great idea to do your research and protect any sensitive information until you have been able to verify the position and the company.


If you are looking for freelance work, UpWork lists jobs and projects for freelance professionals. It covers a wide range of jobs, like administrative support, writers, designers, sales and marketing, accountants, even mobile developers. There are jobs available any where from 10 – 40 hours per week.


Maybe you love your work in the non-profit sector. Idealist has listings for nonprofit jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Idealist has more than one million monthly users and nearly 120,000 organizations use it to review potential candidates. This is a great place for networking in the nonprofit world.


Did you know that 1.4 million will work for the federal government this year? If you are looking to work in a government job, visit USAJobs, the official job site for our government. Not only do they have thousands of job listings, but they show salary ranges.

Of course, don’t forget to check out our new web site. We just launched it last week and there are a wide variety of job listings up for the San Diego area, along with career resources for someone searching for their place in the job market.

Remember, career websites are a great starting point. If you follow the tools we have been providing, doors may open for 2017 where you never expected.

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