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Jersey Mike's City Game of the Week: Helix Highlanders 35, St. Augustine Saints 7

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In this weeks Jersey Mikes Game of the Week, the Saints reduce their record even further to (2-3), while the Highlanders raise theirs to (3-1). The talk of the town this week was none other than the transition of Isaac Taylor-Stuart. Once a Saintsman for three years, Taylor-Stuart re-visits his original home field of mesa college will a total of ten touches and  51 yards.

However, the fastest player in the nation is not the only one to take the credit for the Highlanders victory over the Saints tonight. Isaiah Wooden immediately fires up the Helix squad with a 30 yard TD catch from Carson Baker at only 20 seconds into the first half. With about seven minutes left in still the first half, Highlanders Elelyon Noa rushes for a 17 yard TD building their score to now (13-0).

With barely four minutes left in the first half, Saintsman QB Ryan Thomas throws for a 25 yard TD to J.R. Justice, placing the Saints on the scoreboard (13-7). Unfortunately, this will be the first and only time the Saints score during this weeks contest.

This, though, was not the case for the Highlander’s as Elelyon Noa rushes for yet another four yard TD, lengthening their lead to now (21-7). Going into the second half, this weeks player of the game, Rashad Scott, completes a 15 yard TD; Helix 28 Saintsmen 7. Have I mentioned Isaac Taylor-Stuart? Just before the fourth quarter began, Taylor-Stuart decided to put the nail in the coffin for the Saints by pushing in a 5 yard TD, finalizing this weeks Jersey Mikes Game of the Week with Helix taking the W, (35-7).

Make sure to tune into the Prep Pigskin Report every Friday night at 10:30 for highlights, info and final scores all throughout the grater San Diego area. Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat platforms for on-the-go scores and updates. 

PREVIEW: As you thought high school football could not get any more interesting, you thought wrong. This Friday’s matchup of the St. Augustine Saints and the Helix Highlanders is particularly attention grabbing due to the recent transition of top recruit player, Isaac Taylor-Stuart. Once a Saint for three years, Taylor-Stuart decides to finish out his high school football career as a Highlander.

The St. Augustine Saints (2-2) and the Helix Highlanders (2-1) will be facing off at the home field of the Saints this Friday night at Mesa College. Prior to this season, Mesa College was once home turf to Isaac Taylor-Stuart for three years. Therefore, this Friday’s game will be Taylor-Stuart’s first re-appearance at Mesa College, but this time with a mindset to defeat the Saints. 

With the Highlander’s previous shutout against the Saints rival, Cathedral Catholic, pressure breaks the surface of whether or not St. Augustine’s loss of Isaac Taylor-Stuart will favor in the Highlander’s gain of one of the top recruits in the nation.

St. Augustine’s current, and yet surprising two-loss record, lacks the intensity needed to compete with the (2-1) record of the overpowering Helix Highlanders in this week’s five contest. Regardless of their previous losses, St. Augustine will without a doubt come out this Friday ready to play after the (19-14) victory over Otay Ranch.

What will be the result of Isaac Taylor-Stewart’s return to his original home field of Mesa College, but this time as a Highlander? Tune into the Prep Pigskin Report on Friday night at 10:30pm for information and highlights considering this intense matchup of the Helix Highlanders and the St. Augustine Saints.     

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