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Francis Parker 17, San Ysidro 14

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The Francis Parker Lancers trip to the South Bay was worth the travel! The team snatched their first win of the season by defeating the San Ysidro Cougars 17-14. San Ysidro High School had the motivation to perform as they played with their Principal Jose Brosz in mind with his recent passing.

First quarter the game was scoreless. It was in the second quarter when the score broke from the 0-0 tie. Francis Parker’s Sam Camposeco came with a five-yard pass for a touchdown. He opened the score and gave this team the lead 0-7 Lancers. Within the same quarter the Lancer’s took a chance with a field goal completed by Ryan Sanborn that gave them 10-0 lead.

 By the third quarter San Ysidro drew inspiration, it was looking like a comeback.  When Cougars counted themselves out, they showed that they were in! Jeremiah Martinez came in for a 14-yard run that would result in a touch down, 10-7 Frances Parker. To end the third quarter San Ysidro took the lead, Junior Bueno threw to Jazz Gill that lead to a 22 yard touchdown pass. Within the third quarter the Cougars took the lead 14-10.

The fourth quarter of the game proved to be showdown! Sam Camposeco proved to essential on the offensive end and defensive end. Sam stripped the ball from the San Ysidro quarterback, which was recovered by Lancer Noah Schneider. This play lead to the winning 2-yard touchdown run by Francis Parker's Ryan Sanborn. After the touchdown the final score 17-14 Lancers! Francis Parker took their first victory of the season!  

PREVIEW: We go into Week 6 of high school football and it only keeps getting better! This Friday September 29 the Frances Parker Lancers will make the trip to the South Bay to face the San Ysidro Cougars at 7 p.m. The game will be played at San Ysidro High school, the Cougars home field!

Both teams are recovering from last week’s tough loses. Frances Parker took a tough hit to La Jolla Country Day as they took a 42-11 loss putting them at a 0-4 record. San Ysidro shared a similar fate as Frances Parker. The Cougars hit a road black unable to score against the Kearny Komets, the final score 41-0 Komets. This loss puts San Ysidro at a 3-2 record. The second straight loss on the road after starting off the season with three home game wins.

Going into this week the Cougars return home for their sixth game of the season. From their record, there is something about being on their turf and with a home crowd that brings the best out of them. To shake off last week’s performance they must be extremely prepared and ready for a battle! The team is ready to add another W to their record.

Frances Parker makes their first trip to the South Bay this football season; will this cross-city travel result in their first win? The team is ready for a long over due victory this season, their luck can change Friday night.  

These two teams have not faced each other in the past three years; it can only mean that it will be a night full of surprises and some great football!  

Frances Parker Lancers vs. San Ysidro Cougars is set for 7 p.m. at San Ysidro High School. Tune into the PPR on KUSI every Friday at 10:30 p.m. for highlights, scores, and so much more. For updates on all games follow us on Twitter and Instagram @KUSIPPR @RedJacketArmy! Search for the #KUSIonPPR hash tag for pictures and statuses.

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