11-year-old cancer survivor invents chemo backpack

An 11-year-old cancer survivor is making a big difference for other cancer patients. 11-year-old Kylie Simonds is using her own experience to help kids like her. Simonds is enjoying these days with her brother, sister and mom. But three years ago, Kylie was diagnosed with a form of soft tissue cancer.

“I lost my hair and always used to get sick easily.”

A positive prognosis from her doctors now has Kylie focused on something else to benefit children with cancer.

“I used to have to use the I-V poles and I always tripped over all the wires, and it was hard to walk around. I always had to have someone push it for me because I was kind of weak when I was in chemo.”

So, she came up with an idea – a pediatric I-V backpack.

“The bag would have all the medicine that you needed for chemotherapy, and this would be the drip, and it would go through the machine on the front, and you just put it on and you can walk around with it.”

Kylie had good friends in mind when she created it.

“My friend Marik – he has a prosthetic leg, and he has crutches, and he always has to have someone push it for him. But if he had something like (the backpack), he could just slip it on.”

For her friend Brooke:

“Well, she had to sometimes go home with it and she had to stay overnight in the hospitals, so I think she would have really liked something like this.”

The 11-year-old already has a provisional patent and is now trying to raise money to have her idea manufactured.

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