16 Poway Unified Elementary Schools resume in-person learning

POWAY (KUSI) – Creekside Elementary school was one of 16 schools that reopened Monday morning in the Poway Unified School District.

In order to implement COVID-19 health guidelines, the schools have split students into two groups where they attend either an a.m. or afternoon, 2-and-a-half hour, on-campus learning session.

The student drop-off process has also changed.

“We’re going to screen for symptoms and take temperature checks. They are going to be lined up according to their classrooms according to the teacher names and spaced apart. We have little markers on the floor,” said Angelica Barragán-Su, Principal.

Nadia De Ocera, a parent told KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez, “I’m so thankful into the staff… A peer interaction or so excited for them… It’s been challenging to say the least but we’ve also enjoyed the time together. It’s bittersweet.”

Inside the classrooms, the desks are positioned where students can be socially distance with partitions.

When the students are not on campus the rest of the school day involves doing some online school work.

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