19 productions announced for California’s Film and TV tax credit program

LOS ANGELES (KUSI) – The latest selections for California’s Film and TV Tax Credit Program 2.0 were announced Monday, with 19 productions in line to receive $52.2 million in tax credits.

The 11 studio productions and eight independents are expected to generate an estimated $258.2 million in qualified expenditures, which are defined as wages to below-the-line workers and payments for equipment/vendors, while spending a combined 602 shoot days across the state, according to the California Film Commission. The productions are also expected to employ 869 cast, 2,357 crew, and 23,000 extras.

“It’s great to see so many tax credit projects bring production jobs and spending to regions across the state,” California Film Commission Tax Credit Program Director Nancy Rae Stone said. “The out-of-zone filming provisions in Program 2.0 are working as intended to help spread the direct economic benefit.”

The recipients include the DC Comics spinoff “Birds of Prey” starring Margot Robbie. The WB Studio Enterprises Inc. production is expected to spend nearly $63 million in-state on qualified expenditures, according to the CFC.

The program started in 2010 and was renewed in 2015. The second version of the program is set to dole out $1.55 billion in tax credits over five years before it expires in 2020, but Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a bill extending the credit program another five years.

“We are excited to be awarded an incentive from the California Film & TV Tax Credit Program, which will allow us to produce `Birds of Prey’ in the Golden State,” Warner Bros. Pictures SVP of Physical Production Kelley Smith-Wait said. “The project will have a large footprint and create hundreds of new jobs for women and men in our industry.”

Among the studio projects selected for the tax credit are  “Bunker,” “Covers,” “Cry, Baby,” “The Has Been,” “Flying Horse” and “The Hunt,” which plan to shoot outside the Los Angeles 30-mile studio zone.

Among the eight independent films selected for the tax credit round are another five projects, “Black and Blue,” “Blackbird,” “Drunk Bus,” “Revenge,” and “YesterNow,” that plan to shoot outside the zone.

A total of 43 film projects applied for tax credits during the June 18- 22 application period.

Gary Oldman, an Oscar-winning actor who plans to star in and direct “Flying Horse,” welcomed the news.

“Everyone knows incentives are a critical part of the industry these days, as we all find ourselves seeking and comparing the best options available for each film,” Oldman said. “Without the state’s tax credit program and support from the California Film Commission, the governor and our lawmakers, it is a certainty that we would not be able to shoot this essential California story in California. My colleagues and I are simply thrilled for the opportunity to bring this story home.”

The full list of films receiving the tax credit and their budget amounts are:

— “Birds of Prey” by WB Studio Enterprises Inc., $12.6 million;

— “Black and Blue” by Black and Blue Movie, LLC, $1.07 million;

— “Blackbird” by Hunting Lane Films, LLC, $2.5 million;

— “Bullet” by Bulletpath, LLC, $694,000;

— “Bunker” by Bunker Film Productions, LLC, $627,000;

— “Covers” Universal City Studios LLC, $6.5 million;

— “Cry, Baby” by Cry Baby Productions LLC, $2.9 million;

— “Drunk Bus” by Go Lemmings, LLC, $466,000;

—  “Flying Horse” by Tooley Productions 4 LLC, $5.04 million;

— “Fool’s Day” by New Line Productions Inc., $1.3 million;

— “Head” by Headcase Movie LLC, $480,000;

— “Lilian” by Cannonball Productions, Inc., $206,000;

— “Mainstream” by Mainstream Movie LLC, $1.4 million;

— “Rent – Live” by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, $2.7 million;

— “Revenge” by Solutions Media LLC, $1.07 million;

— “The Has Been” by WB Studio Enterprises Inc., $4.7 million;

— “The Hunt” by Universal City Studios LLC, $3.7 million;

— “Untitled” by Charles Randolph Project, Lucite Desk, LLC, $2.5 million; and

— “YesterNow” by Signature Entertainment, $1.6 million.

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