2014 PPR star, DaShawn Keirsey Jr, relates his career threatening injury to COVID-19

Back in 2014, Prep Pigskin Report fans heard the name DaShawn Keirsey almost every time the Helix Highlanders highlights were read on TV, catching touchdown passes from quarterback Michael Austin. The wide receiver even won play of the week and still has his play of the week t-shirt to this day.

In fact the PPR left a lasting impressing on the Helix Scottie, “It actually was the highlight of high school. I think about it all the time, being under the friday night lights. Growing up you always heard about it and dreamed about playing” said Keirsey Jr. However, fall Friday’s was not the only time this man made it on TV. Not only did Keirsey Jr. stand out on the football field, but he also hit it out of the park on the baseball field.

Even though we saw more of this Helix Scottie run across our TV screens, it was actually the love for the diamond that led him to the next level, where he played for the Utah Utes for four years. “The longevity of a baseball players career is a lot longer, not as many injuries, which is ironic considering my injury” said Keirsey Jr., referring to a career threatening injury. In 2017, center fielder Keirsey Jr. ran back for the ball, slamming into the fence behind him, dislocating his hip. At this moment, his career with baseball was unknown.

An unexpected situation that takes away so much of your daily life; what many people are living through for the first time right now, feels like a second time for DaShawn Keirsey Jr. “I would say it relates to me by one the unknown and two more of the the mental aspect of the situation. Just me being an athlete and always being competitive I knew I’d physically be able to make a come back but mentally was the hardest part and I think going through this time now is the same. I know all of us take the little things for granted. Anything can be taken away from you and kind of deal with this time too, anything can happen” said Keirsey Jr.



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