2016 Iron Hog Recipient: Dominic Gudino, Olympian

2016 Iron Hog Recipient: Dominic Gudino, Olympian Eagles

Asked to describe this two-way, three-year starter, Olympian head coach Paul Van Nostrand says this: “The Iron Hog is an award about toughness. That’s Dominic Gudino.” A leader on and off the field, Gudino has the grades to get into West Point but has chosen to stay closer to home and play for Rocky Long’s Aztecs at San Diego State University. Gudino accounted for 43 solo tackles (10 for loss) in 2016, but it’s his ability to open holes for the Eagles’ ground game that is truly eye-opening. Gudino’s blocking grades consistently range in the mid-90s or higher. A member of Coach Shack’s 2016 Pig Pen, Gudino’s trademark is his Mohawk haircut, a style he has sported his entire prep career.

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