2017 Admiral award winner, Ike Hall, weighs in on no Ivy League fall sports

Back in March, the Ivy League decided to cancel their men’s and women’s basketball tournaments because of the coronavirus pandemic. Within 48 hours, all NCAA sports were canceled. The Ivy League announced on July 8th that there will be no fall sports competition this year, but no decision has been made on potentially moving football to the spring.

2017 Prep Pigskin Report Admiral award winner, and current Princeton Tiger, Ike Hall was not surprised when the news broke, “I already thought that there was not going to be a season in the fall so mentally I was already prepared for it. Obviously its affecting all of  us. There is a lot of guys that don’t get to come back because they are 5th years so its definitely an emotional thing to deal with but I was ready for it.”

With the Ivy League being the first and only division one league to announce no fall sports, the question of eligibility arises when not all conferences follow suit. “I think a lot of schools will switch over to reevaluating and seeing if it can go in the spring but my coach, Bob Surace, hes working with the administration and everybody to figure out and be clear on what the rules towards our eligibility and what our NCAA clock is. I trust him and I trust that hes going to be fighting for us that everybody gets their right amount of time to play and this really is just a bump in the road in terms of actually playing football” said Hall.

It is still undetermined if football will be played in the Spring. “The plan is right now, we are going to reevaluate and on January 1st we are going to come to a decision on whether or not we are going to play in Spring. The whole world is looking for leaders and I think the Ivy League and definitely Princeton is stepping up in that way as they should. I just think the world is changing a lot right now, not only changing socially, not only changing physically but people’s mentality is changing and really its a revolution of thought and we are really on the dawn of a new time for people and how people think and how people control what they think and the type of information that is brought into you and given how you react to it. I encourage everyone to be open minded and try to weigh things logically but also use your heart, follow your heart, follow what you think is right and I think everything will be good if we do that” Hall added.



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