2018 Tax Returns due tonight

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Waiting until the last minute is not usually a good idea, especially when it comes to filing your taxes.

If you’ve put it off until the April 15 deadline — yep, that’s today — you’re not alone. As of Friday the IRS reported as many as 50 million taxpayers still hadn’t filed their tax returns.
But there is still hope. Whether you want to file for an extension, save money or even find the closest place to buy a stamp, here is your last-minute Tax Day guide.

Rafael Tulino, IRS joined KUSI News to discuss more about 2018 tax returns.

Is April 15 the absolute deadline to file?

Yes, unless you live in Maine or Massachusetts. Taxpayers in those states are granted an extension until April 17 due to the Patriot’s Day holiday.
If it feels like Tax Day has a habit of moving around on your calendar, you’re right. The holiday’s date can vary based on certain circumstances. For example, if the 15th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or civil holiday, the deadline is extended to the next working day.
By the way, Tax Day used to be March 15. In 1955, as tax law was becoming increasingly complex, the federal government pushed the deadline back to April 15 to give Americans more time.

How can I file for an extension?

Need more time to prepare your federal tax return? The IRS recommends you file for an extension if you need one.

Filing an extension will help taxpayers avoid paying penalties for filing a late return. Extensions provide more time to file, but not more time to pay any tax owed.
“Information about free e-file options, such as IRS FreeFile, how to request an automatic six-month filing extension or fast, secure ways to pay any tax due using IRS Direct Pay are available online at IRS.gov.,” the agency says.

Nine common mistakes to avoid when filing

The IRS recommends avoiding these 9 common mistakes when filing your returns.
Missing or inaccurate Social Security numbers
Misspelled names
Filing status errors
Math mistakes
Errors in figuring tax credits or deductions
Incorrect bank account numbers
Forms not signed
Electronic filing PIN errors
Filing with an expired Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)


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