$300 million for Tijuana Sewage Crisis held hostage by U.S. Senate

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Where’s the money?!

Frustration is growing over the continued lack of progress regarding fixing the decades long Tijuana Sewage Crisis.

Three years ago, under President Trump, Congress approved $300 million to put towards fixing the Tijuana Sewage Crisis, which KUSI’s Dan Plante calls the “worst environmental disaster in history.”

Once Joe Biden won the 2020 election and took office, his administration sent that $300 million back to stage 1, the studying phase. The Biden Administration wanted to reconsider and study how to best use this money to fix the crisis.

But over a year and half into Biden’s presidency, and that money is still stuck in Congress because it has been put into a larger piece of legislation.

The larger legislation doesn’t have enough support to pass because two Senators won’t vote for it until they can include some things important to them. So in the meantime, millions of gallons of disgusting sewage continues to flow into our ocean from Tijuana.

The Mexican government hasn’t showed any interest about fixing the crisis.

Congressman Mike Levin has been fighting to get the money approved, and is urging Senators Capito and Carper to put their differences aside to get this much needed help to the San Diego region.

KUSI’s Dan Plante encourage viewers to call these Senators themselves to voice our concerns.

Levin went on to explain, “we got this money as a delegation, the $300 million, as part of the USMCA Trade Agreement. We were not expecting it would take years and years for people to get their ducks in a row. We wanted to empower the EPA in part because we thought, having a single agency in charge could move things quickly.”

The two U.S. Senators in question are:

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