3,000 City Lamps to Receive LED Bulbs and Smart Metering

Todd Gloria has only abouta month left as interim mayor but he's hoping to leave the City brighter thanhe found it.

Tuesday, he announced aprogram to replace 3,000 city lamps downtown with energy-efficientled lights.

He says the move couldsave the city a quarter-million dollars and not just because the lamps will useless energy than traditional, incandescent bulbs.

“These new streetlightsare smart because they are individually metered, and wirelessly controlled,which allows San Diego to pay for the energy that we actually use, and no more.That means that city staff will have real-time data on the lights that areworking or not, so that we can eliminate the old method of relying on citizen'scomplaints to tell us when a light is out or malfunctioning,” says Gloria.

Gloria says San Diego willbe the first major U.S. city to have this program and it's happening soon replacementis expected to be finished as soon as the end of spring.



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