4 other officer & deputy-involved shootings ruled justified

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office discussed four officer and deputy-involved shooting incidents Tuesday.

Bonnie Dumanis reviewed the cases of David Moya, Sergio Weick, Juan Carlos Fernandez and Trenton Lohman.

She said the officers and deputies involved in these four incidents were justified in their decisions to open fire.

The deadly shootings of David Moya and Juan Carlos Fernandez were captured on video.

The shootings of Sergio Weick and Trenton Lohman were not.

31-year-old David Moya was shot and killed after a SWAT standoff in Santee. This happened in August of 2016.

Deputies said Moya threatened to kill his own mother. During the standoff, Moya shot an arrow at deputies from a compound bow. The bow missed deputies and struck the front door frame. 

Deputies attempted to negotiate with Moya to surrender, but Moya fired again from the second story of the home.

Seconds later, he fired a third arrow and the deputies returned fire.

He was found dead inside the home when deputies finally broke in.

Two months later, in November, another shooting occurred.

This time, San Diego police officers were involved.

45-year-old Juan Carlos Fernandez was shot and killed in City Heights by police. Police said he shot his ex-wife and three other family members at their apartment.

Police said Fernandez dragged his ex-wife by the hair into a car, putting a gun to her head.

When police got there, he was ordered to let go of her and the gun. But he refused and was shot and killed by a 12-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department.

The DA’s Office said there was no video of the other two incidents.

But Dumanis emphasized the officers actions were legally justified and understandable. 

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