Congressional lawmakers race to pass an economic stimulus bill for pandemic victims

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) – As the number of coronavirus cases balloons to over 300,00 worldwide, the US Congressional lawmakers are racing to pass an economic stimulus bill to help those directly impacted by the pandemic.

Today, that emergency legislation scheduled for a procedural vote was delayed after Senator Rand Paul announced he tested positive for coronavirus.

The emergency aid package has grown to about $2 trillion as Republicans and Democrats work together to send money directly to Americans.  But today, the House introduced its own bill that could delay the process to finalize legislation.

Ultimately, the fate of the final proposal — and in turn, the American economy — is up to Congress.

It’s all in an effort to ward off a severe economic downturn in the US.  As businesses shut down and send workers home to stop the spread of the virus, lawmakers are working to figure out how to help them before they run out of money.

KUSI’s Hunter Sowards reports.

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