4/1/16 Paul Rudy’s Sit-Down with Triathlete John Maclean

"My father asked me one night, ‘John, I know how far you have come, but have you asked yourself how far you can go?’ That’s when I knew I had the title for my book." That is triathlete John Maclean describing his new autobiography, "How Far Can You Go?" 

In a Friday conversation with KUSI Sports Director Paul Rudy, Maclean described the accident that changed his life forever. "I was 22 years old at the time,  when I got hit by an 8 ton truck." Just about every bone in his body was broken, including severe damage to his spinal cord. "I was told I would never walk again," said Maclean.

Once an athlete, always an athlete. Maclean became an accomplished wheelchair competitor participating in two Paralympics Games. Maclean’s list of athletic achievements long and impressive. An elite endurance athlete, Maclean is the first paraplegic to swim the English Channel. "First athlete to both swim the English Channel and do the Hawaiian Ironman in the same year, I was a grinder on the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, I got Silver Medal rowing in Beijing, I paddled Molokai, few bits and pieces."

But Maclean’s greatest achievement is walking again. A 25 year odyssey that will seen John walking the Carlsbad 5000 this weekend. His first 5k race without poles! "How Far Can You Go?" is available through Amazon.com.

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