Paul Rudy Walks the Carlsbad 5000 with John Maclean

After sitting down with John Maclean in studio on Friday, KUSI Sports director Paul Rudy was walking with him on Sunday. The pair spent the morning traversing the course at the Carlsbad 5000.

Maclean, who was run over by an 8-ton truck at the age of 22 and told he might not walk again, was completing his first 5K without the use of ski poles. Rudy was just trying to keep up.

During the race, Maclean had plenty of oxygen to spare to tell the story of his road back to recovery.

"My dad said to me after my accident, which is now 27 years ago, ‘Son,’ he said, ‘How far can you go?’ Which is a great question, and made me realize that I should try. Dad didn’t say stay home inside the house and don’t go out. He said, you know, get out there and have a go."

Maclean donned a special bracelet to honor his father, who passed away just three weeks ago.

"I wear it in his memory. and hopefully he’s looking down with a smile today, because his son is trying to see how far he can go."

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