50th Congressional candidate Corey Gustafson (R) makes final pitch to San Diego voters

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Election Day is just hours away, and candidates from all races are making their final pitch to voters.

50th Congressional District candidate Corey Gustafson (R), is campaigning against longtime incumbent Rep. Scott Peters.

Gustafson pointed out that Scott Peters voting record is 100% in support of the Biden Administration, and even appeared alongside President Biden while he was in San Diego last week.

Gustafson believes the Biden Administration’s policies, all of which are supported by Rep. Mike Levin, have only worsened the cost of living and affordability in San Diego, along with other issues.

Furthermore, Gustafson says Peters has made it very hard to do business, as taxes are too high and regulation is out of control. Gustafson says he “wants to make it easier to start businesses and run businesses” to create jobs and lower prices.

Gustafson joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Morning San Diego to make his final pitch to voters and explain why Rep. Scott Peters needs to be replaced.

For more information on Gustafson’s campaign, visit: www.coreyforsandiego.com

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