50th Congressional District Candidate Carl DeMaio launches border initiative

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Candidate for the 50th Congressional District Carl Demaio has authored a five-point border security initiative that he says will force Congress to support President Trump in combating illegal immigration.

It’s called the Secure the Border Initiative and it aims to push politicians to act on border security and curb illegal immigration.

Demaio was in studio to discuss his plan.

Secure the Border Initiative:

1. Border Staffing and Infrastructure: Building a wall/fencing/barriers and utilizing technology and other necessary infrastructure, along with additional manpower, to help Border Patrol Agents do their jobs effectively.
2. Fix the Asylum and Immigration Loopholes: Reform our immigration and asylum laws so we can empower our Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.
3. End Sanctuary Cities and Cut Welfare Benefits: End Sanctuary Cities and taxpayer-funded welfare benefits for illegal immigrants – and withhold federal funds from any state or local government that fails to cooperate.
4. Combat Illegal Employment by Enforcing E-verify: Mandatory and fully enforce the E-Verify program to reduce unlawful employment of illegal immigrants.
5. Merit-Based Legal Immigration: End “chain migration” and instead use a merit-based selection process to vet and welcome legal immigrants and skilled guest workers. America is a nation of immigrants – and must be a nation of laws.

For more information on DeMaio’s candidacy, visit CarlDeMaio.com

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