58,000 ribbons decorate USS Midway Museum for Vietnam War

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego Bay was decorated with colorful yellow ribbons to celebrate Military History this week.

The USS Midway perimeter was covered with 58,000 yellow ribbons, one for each person lost in Vietnam.

When the Vietnam War came to a close, these young marines were not even born yet.

Wednesday on the USS Midway, it was a real-life lesson in sacrifice.

Each yellow ribbon represents one life lost in Vietnam, 58,000 ribbons in all.

Even though the USS Midway is now a museum, the history of this battleship is powerful.

Vintage video of the Midway begins in 1943 just after World War II and named after the Battle of Midway.

But she went on to be a crucial part of the Vietnam War and the first war in the Persian Gulf.

In Vietnam, the Midway’s final act was to evacuate thousands of refugees escaping from Communism.

It may have been the least popular war in American History.

But 40 years later, the troops are getting some long overdue respect.

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