6-year-old boy injured in San Ysidro DUI crash remains hospitalized

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Six-year-old Lennox Lake remains in the hospital following a DUI-related crash by a man who has been deported at least 15 times. 

According to the family GoFundMe page, doctors found a second strain of bacteria in the cultures that were taken during the skull fracture surgery that is resistant to the antibiotic Lennox is currently on.

"He had to have a new IV line put in yesterday, and those needle sticks are the things he hates the most, followed closely by the pain he feels when they give him medicine through the IV. Lennox got very tired and his head was hurting last night so the doctors are limiting the amount of stimulation going on around him," the family wrote.

Lennox sustained an open skull fracture with the location being slightly above his left eye when the car he was riding in, with parents Ingrid and Benjamin Lake, was struck by a truck near their home in San Ysidro on May 13.

He had initial surgery to repair the outside wound over the left eyebrow area, which took about 6 stitches. He later had another surgery which involved opening the scalp at the hairline, peeling it off the skull to expose the damage, irrigating the area. Then they positioned the depressed bone and stitched him back up.

Border Patrol agents later arrested the suspected driver, 38-year-old Constantino Banda who had been deported at least 15 times before, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Banda plead not guilty to charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs resulting in bodily injury, hit-and-run resulting in injury and driving under the influence, according to court documents. 

The following day, a federal immigration charge was filed against Banda. He was charged with being a deported alien in the United States. 

Banda, who will be back in court May 23 for a preliminary hearing, faces seven years and eight months in prison if convicted, said Deputy District Attorney Christopher Chandler.

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