70-year-old sign atop former Hotel Churchill to be removed in renovation project

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As part of a massive renovation project designed to create an affordable housing complex, the 70-year-old sign sitting atop the former Hotel Churchill will be removed Tuesday.

The building, located downtown at Ninth Avenue and C Street, will be converted into 56 affordable living units for homeless veterans, youth aging out of foster care, and adults in need of supportive care. The total number of planned units in the building is 72.

The renovation of the Hotel Churchill comes as part of the San Diego Housing Commission’s three-year plan to reduce the number of homeless on the streets of San Diego.

The sign itself will undergo its own renovation, the commission said, as a new frame, neon lights and wiring will be installed. It will also be put back atop the building when the project is complete.

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