75th annual Salute to the Champions honors sports stars of the year

Many of the things we lost during COVID-19 have come back – including now, the glitz and the glamour of the 75th annual Salute To The Champions dinner.

But in an event held in a ritzy hotel in La Jolla, filled with the finest food and drink, the meal of the hour…was White Castle.

“[San Diego] had El Pollo Loco and Carl’s Jr,” former Chargers tight end Antonio Gates said. “I was oblivious to what that was….I’m a Midwestern boy.”

The college basketball-playing boy from Detroit grew into the man of Southern California, which is why he became a Breitbard Hall of Famer tonight, along with volleyball legend Laurel Brassey Iversen and U.S. women’s national team star Rachel Buehler Van Hollebeke.

“I’m a native San Diegan with so much pride in our city,” Van Hollebeke said. “There’s so many great people that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame so it’s a huge honor.”

The night wasn’t just about the call to the Hall – it was made to honor so many of the athletes named “Star of the Month” going back to 2020. Professional, collegiate, and amateur stars were recognized, spanning all the way from Cathedral’s undefeated volleyball team to several San Diego Padres.

“San Diego is incredible, the way they came together for us,” said USD volleyball star Gabby Blossom. “It made the season so much more fun.”


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