76th Anniversary of Raid on Makin Island

August 17, 2018, marks the 76th anniversary of the Raid on Makin Island, a 1942 battle that boosted American morale during World War II.

US Navy Commanding Officer Captain David Oden and Command Master Chief Larry Lynch visited the studio on Sunday to discuss the anniversary of the Raid on Makin Island and the ship’s namesake.

Submarines Argonaut (SS-166) and Nautilus (SS-168) transported Companies “A” and “B,” 2d Marine Raider Battalion, Lt. Col. Evans F. Carlson, USMC, in command, and raided Japanese held Makin Island in the Gilbert Islands, on 17-18 August 1942. Nautilus’s gunfire supported the marines while they fought the defenders ashore. The relative ease with which the marines and sailors carried out the assault boosted American morale, but, more ominously, also inspired the Japanese to bolster their defenses in the region.


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