80th Assembly District candidate Georgette Gomez (D) says “elections have consequences”

NATIONAL CITY (KUSI) – It’s California Primary Day, and voters across the state are heading to the polls to make their voices heard.

Democrat Georgette Gomez is campaigning against Democrat David Alvarez and Republican Lincoln Packard to represent California’s 80th Assembly District, a seat once held by Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher. Packard is not expected to win.

On Primary Day, gas prices in San Diego County set a record high for the 11th consecutive day, reaching $6.294 per gallon.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has introduced legislation to immediately suspend California’s gas tax, providing immediate relief to the people, but Democrats have shut it down multiple times.

With gas prices showing no signs of slowing down, the issue has become a major campaign topic for many candidates.

In the race for California’s 80th Assembly District, Georgette Gomez has made it clear she will not support any plans to suspend the state gas tax, while David Alvarez said he definitely will.

KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez was at the Georgette Gomez campaign headquarters Tuesday morning as voters went to the polls, and Gomez once again explained her opposition to suspending the state gas tax.

Gomez also told KUSI’s Alvarez, “elections have consequences.”

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