8/29/17 — Community group rallies against Target in Ocean Beach

Press Release: No Target in Ocean Beach


What:  Community Rally No Target in Ocean Beach!

Where:  Foot of Newport Ave. Ocean Beach

When:  Wednesday, August 30th. Gather at 5:30 p.m.

Why are We Against Target in OB?   

  Target in Ocean Beach is in direct opposition to the City Adopted Ocean Beach Community Plan in many areas, some of which are:  preserving the Community character; promoting a pedestrian friendly commercial district; supporting local business growth; meeting parking requirements.

 Ø  The impact that Target in Ocean Beach will be detrimental to our local independent businesses’ struggle to survive on our main street and the local economy of Ocean Beach will suffer.  Target existing in Ocean Beach will start a trend of other corporations moving into the community, as it is well known that corporations "cluster".

Ø  Target in Ocean Beach will have a negative effect on tourism; not just in Ocean Beach, but will have a widespread negative effect on San Diego as a whole. 

 Ø  Target on Newport Avenue will bring heavy traffic through our library and elementary school area of our Community, causing a pedestrian hazard; and will bring increased air and noise pollution with the addition of not just more vehicles but with semi trailers bringing in their stock of mass purchased goods. 

 Ø  More alcohol off-site sales are not needed in our already saturated Community. 

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