95-year-old World War II veteran graduates from high school

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Students from San Diego High School walked across the stage for their graduation ceremony Tuesday, but one person in the crowd has waited a lot longer than the rest for this moment.

His name is William Winchester, but you can call him “Bud.”

At 95-years-old bud is the oldest person to ever graduate San Diego High School.

He has waited a long time, 80 years in fact.

He almost graduated in the late 19-30s but scarlet fever delayed his graduation and then it was world war two.

He tried the Navy but because he was color blind he had to join the army. He worked his way to sergeant as a combat engineer building bridges.

The bombing was so bad that he lost his hearing, but never his will to become a high school graduate.

And Tuesday, his dream came true as he was handed his high school diploma as his teachers. Fellow students and his daughter Kathleen looked on.

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