A Digital Dunkirk to get US allies out of Afghanistan


It’s being called the Digital Dunkirk. A reference to the evacuation of Allied Soldiers during World War II from the beaches north of France.  Now it’s playing out in Afghanistan as hundreds of thousands of U.S. allies are navigating Taliban checkpoints surrounding the Kabul airport.

We’ve been covering the story of a group of local marines working to get their interpreters out the Middle East and in the past 24 hours, they got the news they’ve been waiting for.

“Orlando” is one of hundreds of thousands of essential U.S. allies during military operations in Afghanistan. These people worked in various roles helping Americans. After months of working to get him and his pregnant wife, they were able to get on a flight and are now out of the region.

These interpreters are now targeted by the Taliban for standing alongside the U.S. According to reports, at least 300 have already been killed with roughly 20,000 Afghan nationals and their family members backlogged for special immigrant visas to come to the U.S.

Reports say the Taliban is ordering their fighters to shoot interpreters first in retribution for being the eyes and ears on the battlefield for the U.S. over the past 20 years. And now, U.S. service members are fighting for those key players.

To help Afghan and Iragi translators and their families, visit this GoFundMe page.

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