A Killer Tune

Joe Arpaio is known as “America's toughest sheriff” and because of it faces death threats daily, but never before, have they come in the form of song.  A band from San Diego created the song and is promoting it on places like You-Tube.  The song is called “Kill Joe Arpaio!”  As you can see there is nothing subtle about it, but there is also nothing traditional about it.

The song is a collection of talk radio clips about immigration featuring what sound like proponents and opponents of Arpaios tough justice.  But, never once, is Arpaio's name mentioned in the song, only in the title.  The music is repetitive and somewhat annoying.  It's not a song that will break into the Billboard Top Ten, but for those who created this musical art, it is about the message not the music.

The San Diego band is called the Crocodiles.  A member of the group, Brandon Welchez, is quoted as saying that whenever the band would get a job in Arizona one of the band members, named Gonzalez, would be harassed and searched and asked for identification.  So, now they won't play there anymore and have decided to express their anger in this song with the deadly title.

Sheriff Arpaio says he's concerned that the protest against him this time is in a song.  He says it sends a bad message to kids, “I understand freedom of speech, but there has to be a line of threatening a law enforcement official.”   In the past few days he has also sent out several “tweets”, one saying he wants royalties from the song to help fund his anti-illegal immigration posses and another one yesterday with a direct reference to the name of the band the Crocodiles.  He tweeted, “bite me.”  He does have a sense of humor.

It seems everyone is winning here.  Clearly, the band does not want to kill the sheriff.  Clearly, the song isn't much of a song and more of a protest piece.  But, with all this publicity both sides are getting what they want.  Strike up the band.

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