New center in Carlsbad is raising awareness for traumatic brain injuries

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – 10 years ago, Lance Barger was pitching batting practice in Colorado.  Hewas struck by a baseball to the head and his life changed instantly.   From getting medical help to living life, it has been a constant battle.  According to Lance and his wife, there wasn’t anyone

that really knew what to do or how to help.   They had to step up and actually become the ones that helped themselves.  10 years later they are wanting to help others.  They believe there are people just like them out there that have nowhere to go and nobody to turn to.  They talked about Junior Seau not knowing what to do.  They have reached out to Roberta Walker from Encinitas that recently was involved in a bicycle accident.   They are at  KUSI to bring awareness and to tell anyone that is watching that they will be able to help.

They just started TBI CENTER OF CARLSBAD.   They are in search of a building but right now but at the moment  are working out of their home.

Silent warriors are living among us. Their injuries are often invisible on the outside. We aim to support survivors and their families to live a healthy life following a traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries happen from concussions, strokes, brain cancer, assault, car accidents, freak accidents and more.  The longer a person is unconscious determines the severity of the head injury.  Additionally, numerous impacts, even without loosing consciousness, have a long term impact on an individuals health.

People with TBIs are more likely to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, ALS and suffer strokes.  The long term effect of repetitive mini concussions (zingers) also lead to CTE.

There are few doctors that understand and are able to treat the pain associated with TBIs.  Lance has experienced head pain since his injury on January 22, 2009.  He has tried every narcotic and treatment option available through various Neurologists over the years.  Nothing has worked (severe the trigeminal nerve, Botox treatment, methadone, morphine, eye injections, nerve pills, etc.).  The poor understanding within the medical community has only brought additional frustration to a difficult situation.  We found more information through diligent research over the years post TBI than any doctor has every been able to provide.  The result was starting the TBI Center of Carlsbad to share the information and empower TBI Warriors in their path to their healthiest life.

TBIs are considered a silent injury because doctors and others cannot see the injury.  Symptoms include: a short temper, easily confused, difficulty with speech, mental fatigue, more rest needed, heightened and/or altered senses (smell, taste sound, vision), social withdrawal, pain and nausea.  These symptoms do not easily show up on tests and may come and go for years before subsiding, or never subside at all.

Lance began working with Dr. Jill Stoddard at the Center for Stress and Anxiety to address his PTSD.  She has a location in Carlsbad that they meet.  Being monocular, he is an amputee.  The emotional weight he carries is a difficult.  His PTSD was measured higher than a soldier returning from combat.  Dr. Stoddard said she would be willing to come on the show as well.



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