A new pop up art gallery finds a home in Southeastern San Diego

Southeastern San Diego’s art scene continues to grow with the emergence of the Pop-Up Art Gallery at Market Creek Plaza.  The partnership between the Southeast Arts Team and the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation has brought the first art gallery into the area.  Community members are welcome to make an appointment for free and explore the space – filled with local artists’ paintings, jewelry and other work.


“Having a space dedicated to art led by community members, right off of Euclid and Market has been a game changer.  People stop me every day to share how excited and proud they are that this cultural resource is here.  Kim Phillips-Pea and her team have done an amazing job.  Attracting an artist like Jermaine shows the promise Southeastern San Diego holds and that people believe in what we’re doing ” said Kamaal Martin, curator of the exhibition.


“Blessed to Be Here” runs until February 24th.  The gallery is by appointment only.

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