Special Report: A tour of the San Diego border with former congressman Duncan L. Hunter

Former Congressman Duncan L. Hunter and Chris Harris, with the Border Patrol Union, gives KUSI News’ Elizabeth Alvarez a tour of the San Diego region’s United States/Mexico border fence, known as one of the most elaborate border fence in the United States.

As President Donald Trump takes his first steps towards building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, Hunter explains why he believes the decision is the right one: "This double fence works."  

Hunter was not only the first member of Congress to recognize the need for a barrier along the border, but the first to get one built.

The double fence that separates San Diego and Tijuana is made of steal, with a few sections made out of concrete.

Harris said the fence serves as a safety barrier, helping to keep the border patrol safe from the violent drug criminals that are trying to cross.

There are hundreds of homes in this neighborhood, part of the Coral Gates Community. Across the street is a levee wall and in the back is a double fence that runs along this stretch of the border. With that double fence, people out in this area said they wouldn’t live here.

Hunter said the fence means safety overall, for everyone including citizens, enforcement officers and illegal immigrants.


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