Accident victim’s road to recovery with suspect still at large

These days, little things are victories for Jessica Creed. The 29-year-old's life turned upside-down in May of last year, when an alleged drunk-driver going the wrong way on the I-5 freeway slammed into her car head-on.
“I remember seeing the headlights and just being stuck, frozen,” said Creed. ” The only thing I felt, I think at the time, was fear.”
It was a regular work night for Jessica; she had just finished up a waitressing shift in the Gaslamp District. She was on her way home at 2 AM, entering the I-5 freeway via 1st Avenue, and never could have imagined what would happen to her minutes later.
“The airbag blew my arm backwards, and then, from him hitting me down the side, it just severed it. I get chills just thinking about it, I'm surprised I'm not crying.”
Jessica has too many physical injuries to count. For three months, she couldn't walk, half her face is now made of metal and she made the choice to amputate her left arm – a difficult decision that took her independence.
“I had to ask for help for everything. I can't open jars, I can't pick heavy things up and move them. Sometimes, my boyfriend has to help me do my hair.”
Highway Patrol says the man who allegedly hit her, 32-year-old Daniel Castro of Escondito, didn't show up for his court date and is nowhere to be found. Now, there's a warrant out for his arrest. Jessica says enough is enough.
“I just want this all to be over, to be honest. I still feel stuck. I feel like I'm constantly being put back in that car, stuck.”
Just as she was brave enough to take those first steps. Though life still isn't normal, Jessica can now be proud that she has the courage to get behind the wheel again.

If you have seen Daniel Castro, the CHP is asking you to call Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477.

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