Active shooter drill at Naval Base San Diego includes possibility of coordinated attack

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – All this month navy bases are conducting active shooter and terrorist drills. It’s a yearly event and it includes navy facilities in San Diego. Tuesday’s exercise was at Naval Base San Diego.

The scenario is based on real-life incidents. A disgruntled civilian worker or, as is the case here, an active duty sailor with a rapid fire weapon. It’s happened in Hawaii and at the Washington D.C. Naval Yard.

The idea is to have a different scenario at each base, especially one that’s both a surprise and a challenge for those under fire and those responding.

For example, a scenario where the shooter is already on base and on a pier because of her ID, or a coordinated terrorist attack, which could be overwhelming for first responders.

The drills occur every year and will last all month long.


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