Active-shooter on school bus training

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – In a scary scenario, a busload of passengers sat quietly in their seats, and suddenly a gunman in the back of the bus stands up and starts shooting.

The realistic training exercise is all part of an effort to educate school bus drivers on how to react to an active shooter scenario on-board their moving buses packed with school children.

At times, school buses can have up to 90 school children.

One of the tactics drivers are taught is to drive in a zig-zag pattern to force the shooter to lose his balance, and when he does, pounce on him.

The scenario comes after a heroic bus driver refused a gunman’s demands and put the bus in reverse to knock the gunman off his balance.

The gunman opened fired and fatally shot the bus driver, as terrified school children ran for their lives.

The gunman scooped up a six-year-year old boy and took him as a hostage.

It’s because of that tragic event, that the training was intense.

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