Actor James Lastovic and roommate Nevin Dizdari missing in Kauai

UPDATE: Tuesday evening, James and Nevin got in contact with their family to say they are safe.

The text to family members was received at 2:20PM Pacific. The text read;

It’s James and Nevin. We got lost on a hike and were stranded in Kokee State Park for 2 days. We just found our way back to our car about 30 minutes ago. We’re okay. Full tank of gas and phone now charging. Just started getting service but will probably be spotty coming down the mountain. Heading back to Hanalei Bay Resort now. Nevin’s phone was filled with dirt but she’ll be charging momentarily.”

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diegan and ‘Days of Our Lives’ actor James Lastovic has been reported missing, along with his roommate, Nevin Dizdari.

The two were on vacation in Kauai, Hawaii, and were set to return to Los Angeles, where they now live, on Monday.

James & Nevin we’re last seen Sunday morning around 8:00 AM Hawaii time, at the Hanalei Bay Resort, where they were staying. They told their hostess, Carrie Flanders, that they were going to Shipwreck and asked for directions.

Flanders said James and Nevin also asked her about going to Kokee State Park to go on a long hike. The last digital communication was a text from James to the hostess, at 2:00 PM Hawaii time.

They did not return to the resort Sunday night and have not been heard from since.

All of their suitcases and personal belongings were left with Carrie at the Hanalei Bay Resort. Neither James nor Nevin got on their flight to come back to California Monday.

If you have any information, please call Nick Robbin at (858) 245 – 8853

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