Addressing the flaws in the SVP placement program that plagues East County

SACRAMENTO (KUSI) – East County has been targeted as the dumping grounds for sexually violent predators.

67% of all sexually violent predators in San Diego County live within the borders of District 2, according to County Supervisor Joel Anderson.

Randy Voepel, State Assembly, 71st District, joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries to directly address flaws in SVP placement in East County.

Voepel mentioned to Jeffries that he and Sen. Brian Jones will work on legislation to address these flaws.

The judges should always be contacted in potential placements of SVPs, Voepel urged, adding that he had written letters strongly opposing the placement of Douglas Badger and Merle Wakefield at a Mount Helix home in East County.

Sexually violent predators are a different class from sex offenders, as they are characterized as “likely to reoffend.”

Voepel co-authored SB 248, introduced by Senator Bates, which would have allowed for open court proceedings for SVP cases, until the bill was changed by the Senate Public Safety Committee and now sits in Senate Appropriations on the Suspense File.

The bill aimed to make closed hearings much more difficult to accomplish.

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