Adopt a Pet: Bey from The Little Red Dog Rescue

(KUSI)-  The Little Red Dog Rescue has a 5-month-old black lab/terrier mix puppy named Bey up for adoption.

Bey is short for Beyonce, and Bey is one incredible adorable girl! She is a special needs puppy, but she doesn’t know it and she is the happiest girl. She doesn’t let it stop her one bit! She just lives in the moment. She is also super cuddly. Bey has cerebellar hypoplasia, which means the part of her brain, the cerebellum, didn’t finish growing. That is the part of the brain that controls balance and fine motor skills, so her balance is off and her fine motor skills aren’t always the best. It won’t get worse, and it doesn’t get better, but the dogs always learn how to live with it better. She can walk around the house okay, but falls a bit. She always just gets up and keeps going. For outside she uses a harness to help her go for walks. When she turns a year old she will be ready for a cart to help her out. With a new cart she will be able to run, go to the beach, and go on nice hikes and so forth! She is a puppy and we are still working on potty training, but she is getting there. She is one sweetheart, and she loves to be around other dogs. In fact, she should be in a home with other dogs who can show her the way. She loves to chew toys and dog bones, and loves to play tug-of-war. And she loves to cuddle on the couch and in the bed.

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