Adopt-A-Pet: Dog Days of Summer Mega Adoption Event at Grossmont Center

Francella Perez was live with various San Diego shelter and rescue representatives to talk about the upcoming Dog Days of Summer Mega Adoption Event.

Dog Days of Summer is happening at Grossmont Center in La Mesa on Saturday, July 14th. Just in time to help make some space in the overcrowded shelters, this event will feature hundreds of adoptable dogs, along with some cats and birds for adoption from two dozen local shelters and rescues.

No matter what you are looking for, you’re sure to find it with pets of every shape and size! For a full list of participating organizations, click here.

Brandi is a poodle who was found in the streets and never claimed at the shelter. She is under 7-pounds and just need some TLC. She’ll be your best friend forever. Come meet Brandi at the Chihuahua Rescue booth where you’ll meet 25 other tiny dogs looking for a home.

Tripper was involved in a car accident that resulted in him having to have one of his legs amputated. Nevertheless, he’s friendly, happy, and full of life! He’s one of many tiny breeds available at the Chihuahua Rescue Booth at Grossmont Center for Dog Days of Summer

You cannot miss Miss Cleo. This distinctive looking girl has an outsized personality to match her big, beautiful face. Cleo is definitely a talker and she’s not shy about asking for attention. She likes to give love just as much as get it. All it takes is a few pets and she’s ready to roll over on her back for some tummy scratches. Come meet this special feline at the Friends of Cats booth next to Reading Cinemas on Saturday!

Olivia is good in her wheelchair as long as she is in motion the majority of the time. She can stand for a few minutes, but she eventually tries to sit down. Also, she is currently living with two little dogs (chihuahua and Min Pin) and two Am Staff’s (male and female) and they all get along. She really likes little dogs.

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