Adopt Confetti from the Helen Woodward Animal Center

From Helen Woodward Animal Center: “Confetti came to us from Central California. She loved to play “keep-away” and “chase” with her brother all around the foster family’s home. The foster family also had their own dog that Confetti got along well with. Confetti’s terrier instincts have kicked in and she is a master cat toy hunter. She even gets them when they are under the furniture! When she is not playing, Confetti loves to be carried and cuddled and will reward you with kisses. Overall, Confetti is a sweet and happy puppy and will brighten any home.”

All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center have been spayed or neutered, have up-to-date vaccinations and microchip identification. Plus, get 25% your first stay at our Club Pet Boarding.

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